Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hail Storm!!

So we just had a hail storm blow through our town. It was crazy! Some of the hail were as big as bouncy balls as you can see in the photo where I'm holding one. It was so loud that my sister said she could hear it over the phone as it was hitting our roof.


Shawna said...

What the hail? Sorry I couldn't resist.
Those balls are huge...oh wait that came out wrong...Okay, I'm done commenting...
Yay for a post though!

Sue said...

Hail Hail the hail is here! Sorry, Shawna comes by it honestly!! Seriously, hail doesn't come to Arizona very often, but what a fear when it does!! Thanks for the fun this past weekend, be sure and post what a great job Cody did! Love you all!!