Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hail Storm!!

So we just had a hail storm blow through our town. It was crazy! Some of the hail were as big as bouncy balls as you can see in the photo where I'm holding one. It was so loud that my sister said she could hear it over the phone as it was hitting our roof.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Chester's Homecoming

Chester came home on the 2nd of March. It was fun going to the valley to pick him up.

Trevor and Cody were trying to keep Wyatt occupied by riding the escalator a few times.

Cody and Deloris holding the sign as we are waiting for him to walk down the corridor.
Chester taking pictures of everybody waiting for him as he comes from the corridor.

Mom's first. She was sobbing at this point.

Cody taking his turn.

Wyatt was pretty excited to see him as well.

Trevor was proud to see his little brother. You can't see it but Trevor was crying too.

On the way to get his luggage. The boys stayed with Chester the whole time.
It's good to have Chester home. He's fun to be around and he's changed abit too. Oh yeah and by the way he's engaged already also, but that's for another post entirely.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

C.J's First home game

Wyatt and I were able to make it to C.J.'s first home game this last weekend. He did a really good job and looked really good out there especially after coming back from a knee injury. The score was tied and went into overtime, but the other team won by one touchdown. It was disappointing, but the Mustangs did an awesome job!

He was frustrated that the QB didn't throw him the football even though he was wide open.

This catch was his best ever this game. "Pass completed by #82 C.J. Gardner (crowd going hysterically wild right now) on the 36 yard line"! This was a huge boost for the team. It was freakin' awesome!! If you look closely his foot is right on the inside of the outside line. Again, it was freakin' awesome!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beautiful Sunsets

So we had a storm the other day and this was the scene afterwords. I love shooting photos like this. The sunsets here are beautiful!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Wyatt's in Preschool

Wyatt started preschool. Holy Crap!!! He looks so grown up in this picture. Next thing you know he'll be going to college. He loves Mrs. Parkes (his teacher) and was really excited to use his backpack. I'm enjoying my 2 hours of freedom when he's gone to school, but at the same time I miss having him around and I realize that he's getting so big. He's my little Bubba and he always will be. Love you Wyatt! Go get 'em!!!!


We got to go to California with our friends Chris and Brittany and we had a really good time. It was nice getting to see Rex too.

This was our chauffer .
At the beach looking for seashells and enjoying the cold water.


Waiting in line for the Nemo ride

Grizzly Bear Rapids. We just got off the ride. Trevor got soaked.

Waiting for the Bug's Life show to start.

Trevor and Brittany went on this ride. Chris and I decided to sit this one out. This is right as they're taking off. You can't see Brittany but you could definitely hear her.

This is the picture the camera took on the ride. Check out Mr. Calm-Cool & Collected.

Me and Rex

Sexy Rexy

California Adventure

Trevor and Chris waiting for Brittany, Eric and Rex to finish the ride.

Brittany, Eric and Rex

This was part of the World of Color show they put on now. The pictures are displayed on the water spray they shoot in the air. It's really cool. This is The Little Mermaid.


You can't really see it but it says "World of Color"
We had a really good time. Thank you Rex for everything. You are the best. Thank you to Mom Rowell as well for watching the boys and helping us out.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Mom and Dad came up this last weekend for Father's Day. They went to church with us and then we had a barbeque with Terry and Noreen and spent some quality time together. We had alot of fun!

The guys out solving the worlds problems.
Dad and Trevor


Papa and the boys

Trevor and Wyatt

Shoulder rides.

Trevor and the boys.